Club Match rules for the second Sunday competition.

Calibre: Up to 8mm.

Position: shot from the benchrest position.

Distance: 100 & 200m with rotation on distances each month. January = 100m, February = 200m & back to March = 100m.
There is the option to request 50 – 300m on the day, when we are placing frames but not after setup.

Target: S5 card targets at 100m and S6 card targets at 200m

There will be two tagret cards for each competitor, one for a group and one for a score.

The competition consists of a five (5) shot group on one card and a further ten (10) shots for a score on the second card.

Any additional “identifyable” holes or hit above the required number will disqualify the card. The concentric circles will be scored form ten (inner/smallest circle) down to six. You may put as many as you like in the “sighter side” of the card.

Two targets are supplied as part of your range fees.

Any additional or other targets are one dollar each.

The club match takes precedence over other club shooting on the range on these days. However if you wish to sight in a rifle, you may do so with the approval of the duty Range Officer & negotiate the distance required.


In addition to our regular second Sunday of each month, when range 2 and a Range Officer is available on the third Sunday of the month, we will be shooting from 11am – please check the club calander.

Shooting 200yd Rimfire Fly & 300m Centrefire Fly – as well as general practice from 50m to 300m.
First two targets are included in the range fees paid on Range 2, otherwise:
Targets are $1.00 each. When a competition is organised, target costs will be included in the fees.

Rifles of any range legal chambering or calibre. .17HMR – .300WinMag & a few others. We are currently limited to 8mm jacketed projectiles but are allowed up to .75″ LEAD projectiles. Please read Range Approval on notice board & ask questions if not sure.

Magazine use = no problem. Cannot understand this ‘single loading only’, we all have a licence & are responsible for our actions.

Muzzle brakes welcome – we could have to reallocate benchs, let us know on the day.

Please do not just ‘turn up & expect it all laid on’ at the range, we are all volunteers & RO & do range duties because we enjoy shooting.

Attendees will need to specify/supply your specific target requirements & assist with the setup of the range/distances on the day, prior to the first detail and during the afternoon. If not sure ask the RO.