Many sports run City Vs Country events. This discipline simply followed that tradition. It is based on shooters gathering at one common range and grouping into teams based on their SSAA membership.

This is as much an event for individuals as it is a team event. 

Teams however are the main theme of this competition. The top shooters of each team have their scores combined and compared to the rival team. The highest scoring team wins.


This event was conceived in 2000 between Noel Cross and David Waters. Following on from Silverdale Vs Mudgee events, they spoke about idea’s to increase SSAA participation in this great discipline and attract shooters from all over NSW to represent their region while giving members more exposure to state type championships. There were many reasons why this should go ahead, but at the end of the day, it was all about fun and meeting new or old acquaintances.

The Difference

The CvC event is completely different in both concept and competition. 
Unlike some team events, the CvC teams are not pre-made, but simply based on your membership region. Simply showing up puts you in a team, but you don’t have to worry about letting the team down. The aggregate scores used to decide the winners only come from the top shooters of each team.
This caters for everybody such as those that participate for fun, or for serious competition.

Class 1 or 2 Open Service Pistol Match

This is an open event and can be shoot with either Class 1 or 2 pistols, you will need 36 rounds to contest this match. It is shot from the prone, sitting or kneeling and standing positions at distances of 25, 15 and 7 meters.

.22 Trainer or Cadet Match

The .22 trainer or .310 Cadet match is shot from the prone position at 100m, Prone and Sitting and 75m and prone sitting and standing positions at 50m, the match is shot on a minicore target.

Camping on the Range

Time to put the guns away and kick back to get ready for the next days shooting, you can bring your caravan, camper or just pitch a tent, the SSAA Mudgee range is serviced with the Dave Toovey memorial male, female toilets and hot showers, as well as 240v power on reasonable request, there is no need to rough it.

CSD 3P Core Match

The 3P Core match is shot from the prone position at 300m, Prone and Sitting at 200m and prone sitting and standing positions at 100m, this is the main event, this match is shot on a full size 4ftx4ft 3P Core target, you will need 30 rounds to contest this match.

Metal Silhouette

Metal Silhouette is on saturday, this is a very popular fun event that separates the men from the boys, for this event you will need 35rounds of ammo, 140gn+ projectiles are recommended to get those difficult goats at 400 meters. NO FULL METAL JACKETED AMMO is permitted to be used!

Saturday Night CSD Roast Dinner

The Saturday night dinner is hevily contested event proudly prapered by Jan and Tom Wensrich, the meal normaly consists of two types of spit roast meats normaly pork and beef with baked patatoes and steamed vegetables, acompanied by some fine local Mudgee red & white wine, followed with a fine desert of cake and icecream.

Sunday Modified and Scoped Rifle Matches

Sunday Afternoon Trophy and Award Presentations