Statement of Purpose

Our purpose is to serve the interests of discipline members by promoting and helping to facilitate the safe and enjoyable participation in the sport of S.S.A.A. Military Service Rifle and Pistol target shooting.

Safety Policy

We recognise that the safety of participants and the general public is the highest priority of all competitors when conducting shooting events.

“Safety before Trophies”


Specific Objectives

  • To expand participation in the S.S.A.A. Military Service Rifle and Pistol competitions.
  • To promote and encourage open and co-operative communication between the participating clubs, active members, and the Discipline Chairperson.
  • To provide an ongoing viable financial structure that will balance the needs of participating clubs, participants themselves, and provide for future growth. An annual detailed financial report will be prepared to give transparency to all participants.
  • To provide a coaching framework for new and experienced shooters.
  • To provide and promote range officer courses and accreditation within the discipline.
  • To interact co-operatively and productively with the other state and national MSD/CSD bodies.
  • To continue both formal and informal communication within the sport through maintaining an active website.
  • To continue and refine the Grand Prix series events to suit the needs of our participants within the financial constraints.
  • To report honestly, numerically where possible, our performance set against these objectives.

Aims and Objectives

Promote the sport and discipline –
  • Increase participation by NSW members and NSW ranges/branches. 
  • Exercise sportsmanship and understanding.
  • Exercise fairness in all circumstances.
  • Provide events for competitors to increase shooting sports skills, strategies and abilities. 
  • Encourage shooters to learn, pre-empt and work around their equipment and its weaknesses, if any. 

What is CSD/MSD?

CSD stands for Combined Services Discipline and MSD stands for Military Service Discipline, which encompasses both Military Service Rifle and Military Service Pistol.
Military Service rifles and pistols provide a tangible link between us and the most important events in the history of Australia.

The purpose of the discipline is to foster their maintenance and safe competitive use within the framework of the SSAA. The rules, extracts of which are available on this site, are emphatic that the discipline is to be inclusive, and to this extent, special provisions are made for those groups which may otherwise feel it is not for them.

At the core of the discipline are standard, as-issued, rifles and pistols, but a number of other classes are also recognised, so that virtually any type of modified rifle with iron or optical sights will find a place to participate and enjoy this sporting discipline.

Who shoots CSD/MSD?

 CSD/MSD shooters are a normal cross-section of Australian society. They come from all walks of life and all parts of NSW, and range from juniors to veterans.

Where do we shoot CSD/MSD?

From a standing start in 1999 we now have a number of SSAA branches which conduct regular CSD competitions. For details check the “Clubs” page.

How can I get involved?

Just contact the CSD Discipline captain at the club nearest to you. For details check the CSD Ranges page on this site.

See you on the firing line…