Club rules for Branch Rimfire Match Range 2, second Sunday of the month from 1pm.

Rimfire rifle in .22LR (long rifle) only, no 17HMR or 22MAG.

Distance: 50m.

Target: are S4 for scoped rifle and S7 for open sight rifle (both are benchrest hunter targets).

There are five scoring targets & one “sighter target” on each card. Scoring will be five rounds in each of the scoring targets for a total of 25 shots & as many as you like into the “sighter”. Score will be out of 250.

Rifle categories

Target – 10 power scope & above

Hunter – 9 power scope & below

Seniors – anyone “over the hill”

Juniors – under 18

Ladies – open

Open sights – open

Category to be nominated at the beginning of the competition year (usually March). Only one category to count for the competition year which runs for twelve months. You may shoot other categories but the scores will not be counted in the club competition. Targets to be marked with Name & Category on the day. Your best three scores for the year go towards the club competition.

Two targets are supplied as part of your range fees. Any additional or other targets are one dollar each.

The club match takes precedence over any other shooting on the range on these days. However if you wish to sight in a rifle, you may do so with the approval of the duty Range Officer. The distance & position will be restricted to the club match being shot.